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Kite Flight in “Our State”

051 Kite Festival 2012 _IGP5823“Out & About” in the March issue of “Our State” Magazine illustrates the annual Cary Kite Festival with this photo.  First published in CaryCitizen , it’s my favorite of the hundreds I’ve made covering the Festival.

4th of July At Bond Park – Doughnut Challenge

Eating a Doughnut suspended from a string with no hands makes it a real Contest.  The entire gallery is here: 4th of July .

4th of July At Bond Park

After the Doughnut Eating Contest and Sack Races but necessarily before the Watermelon Seed Spitting Contest was the Watermelon Eating Contest.  The entire gallery is here: 4th of July .

Día de los Reyes Parade (Three Kings Day Parade)

The twelfth day of Christmas is January 6th, the Feast of Epiphany, also called The Day of Three Kings.  On this eve, gifts are exchanged for the holidays in most Spanish speaking and some European countries.  Its a big day for kids.  The Cary “3 Kings Day Parade”  at Bond Park is presented by  Diamante ,  a non profit dedicated to the preservation, development, and promotion of the culture, heritage, and artistic expressions of the diverse Latino/Hispanic population in North Carolina.  The parade, music and dancing are all prelude to a lot of giving by Diamante and its supporters (like Toys For Tots and local grocers)  to those who have, not so much.  It felt like a big family.  The gallery is here:   3 Kings Day 2012  .