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Only Yesterday

I’m pretty sure I’m going to get a phone call about this. And take a Mk 1 Mod 0 Butt Chewing

The morning he was born, I walked an empty Shopping Mall, waiting for “One Hour Film” to be be developed.

Wasn’t walking, I was floating. And scared silly I was responsible for this new life and had no clue.

Commissioning Ceremony at University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill – 24 May 2008


Home alone – I couldn’t afford the time and travel to Studio Harcourt

Croc Rock Recalcitrant

Studio Showcase for Youngest Dancers – Cary Ballet Conservatory 18 May 2019

 Rehearsal & Performance Galleries


Sometimes, when you make a photograph, it’s captured in your camera and your heart.

And later, you go back and see it anew. And edit your memory.

Before I mashed the button, I asked Mom’s permission with my facial expression. She nodded assent.

Studio Showcase for Youngest Dancers – Cary Ballet Conservatory 18 May 2019

 Rehearsal & Performance Galleries

American Girls

3D Project Jazz Company Promo – Photographed 1 Oct 2017

Photographer Pandemic Therapy

Cary Ballet Company 2018 “Spring Works” Cary Arts Center

Space & Tech Rehearsal 13 March

Matinee Performance – 17 March

Stage Class

Between Matinee and Evening Performances – Cary Ballet Company “2019 Spring Works”

15 March 2019 Cary Arts Center

3D Redux “J Ro”

Long ago, at the invitation of Darra Gasper, I made photographs of 3D Project dancers.  She and Cesar Degollado directed the dancers.  I meant well in my naivete and enthusiasm. They were tolerant. As was she.

June 2013





2021 Business Cards Arrived Today

Where It All Went Wrong


Before Amazon, FedEx, UPS and USPS!

Cary Ballet Company “Nutcracker” Rehearsal – Cary Arts Center 18 Dec 2019

Almost Christmas

“All Wrapped Up” Space & Tech Rehearsal

3D Project Jazz Company, Cary Arts Center – 16 December 2013

Hollywood Lights IX

 Difficult to make portraits right now.

Easy to take a second look at the Digital Negatives of previous sessions

Dancer Keira Kapner – 6/14/2019 Cary Ballet Conservatory

Hearing Santa’s Heart

From 2011 to 2015, I made photographs of Santa when he visited Ole Time Winterfest in Cary

This from 2012 is still with me. In 2020, his heart is still true. And he knows. So be good.

2020 Cary Ballet Conservatory Calendar – December

Dancer Jasmine Murley

2020 Cary Ballet Conservatory Calendar – November

Dancer Winell Henriquez

Photography Session Suspension

This has been a hard year for everyone. My hope is to be active again soon.

I am able to edit and provide Prints and Downloads of previous work.

Past Perfect IV

Stage Warmup 3D Jazz Project “The Love Suite”

Cary Arts Center -15 Nov 2019

2020 Cary Ballet Conservatory Calendar – October

Dancer Kali Bartasavich

Deja Vu – Stage Light #57

Dancer Reynu Wood

Tech Rehearsal for Cary Ballet Company “Spring Works”

13 March 2019 Cary Arts Center

Deja Vu – All That Jazz

Dancer Sara Roe

 3D Project Jazz Company 2012 “Spring Gala”

Space & Tech Rehearsal   8 April 2012 Cary Arts Center

Past Perfect III: Rehearsals Are Tough!

Rehearsal for Cary Ballet Conservatory’s “Rhythms of The Rain Forest”

Chapel Hill High School – May 2012

Past Perfect II


Rehearsal for Cary Ballet Conservatory’s “Little Match Girl”

Jones Auditorium at Meredith College -17 Dec 2010

Deja Vu – There’s An App For That


Dress Rehearsal  “Spring Works” Mixed Repertoire by Cary Ballet Company

Cary Arts Center   15 March 2018


Past Perfect

Rehearsal for Cary Ballet Conservatory’s “Anastasia”

Chapel Hill High School – June 2011

Moment Of Trust

Dancer Sydney Upchurch

Head Shot Session – Cary Ballet Conservatory – August 2020

2020 Cary Ballet Conservatory Calendar – September

Dancer Arianna Arnold

“I leave you my portrait…”

“…so that you will have my presence all the days and nights that I am away from you.”  Frida Kahlo

Portrait Session at Cary Ballet Conservatory

Jazz Montage

From a photo session for 3D Jazz Project at Cary Ballet Conservatory – 24 February 2019

“Le Cirque” In November!

Dancer Brayden Jones

A post Covid wish for the rescheduled March Performance – Ticket Info Here: 3D Jazz Project – Cary Arts Center 6 PM 11.20.20