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One Second of Class

Instead of stopping motion at 1/400th of a second, I included everything that happened in 1 second

It was not an original idea

Marcel Duchamp painted “Nude Descending A Staircase” in 1912

Duchamp was familiar with the motion photographs made by Eadweard Muybridge in 1887

A photographer inspired by a painter inspired by a photographer


Cary Ballet Company  “Spring Showcase 2016”  Space & Tech Rehearsal


Stage Light #9

 3D Project Jazz Company  Space & Tech Rehearsal

 “Spring Showcase 2016

167 Space & Tech


Stage Light #7

2016 Spring Gala Showcase

Saturday Matinee  12 March 2016  Cary Arts Center

047 3D Sat 2 PM

2016 Spring Showcase – Simply Fabulous!

Galleries are online now at brookemeyer.net or click on the links below!

3D Jazz Project Spring 2016       Cary Ballet Spring 2016

029 3D Sat 7 PM




2016 Spring Showcase – Lobby Card

Each production of Cary Ballet & 3D Jazz Companies gets a 20×30 Lobby Card

I love to make them but agonize over the image choice – too many wonderful dancers

4x6 2016 Spring Gala



I Got A Home

Choreography by Willie Hinton  Performed by 3D Project Jazz Company

Photographed 11 March 2016 “Spring Gala Showcase” Cary Arts Center

001 Fri 7 PM

002 Fri 7 PM

003 Fri 7 PM

004 Fri 7 PM


Visiting Danseur

001 JSZ PTP Guest Artist Spring 2016

Guest Artist Joan Sebastian Zamora of Joffery Ballet

Dress Rehearsal “Spring Gala Showcase”  Cary Ballet Company

Performances Friday & Saturday at Cary Arts Center