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One Minute Headshot – Master Class with Miguel Perez

  Master Class with Miguel Perez Gallery  18 Oct 2019  Cary Ballet Conservatory


One Minute Headshot


Master Class with Maria Konrad – Cary Ballet Conservatory  30 Sept 2019

Before The Barre II

Master Class with Duncan Cooper

Cary Ballet Conservatory  10 Sept 2019

Before The Barre

Cary Ballet Conservatory  18 August 2019

Myrna Kamara – Master Class at Cary Ballet Conservatory

Link to galleries for Session I and Session II

Portrait at Barre

Dancer Jenna Bruce – Photograph from Master Class at Cary Ballet Conservatory with Myrna Kamara 12 Oct 2018

Photographs I Love and Haven’t Shown #2


In The Clear Light of Day


Surrounded By Reasons To Take Ballet

 22 April 2017