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The best advice I’ve gotten about photography came from a dancer who told me “you’re the artist, trust your instincts”.

Cary Ballet Spring Gala, Dress Rehearsal, Cary Arts Center

Just One Look

Photographed at the 14 June 2011 Dress Rehearsal of  “Anastasia” by the Cary Ballet Conservatory.

Corps de Ballet #2

Photograph made at the 18 June matinee performance of “Anastasia” by the Cary Ballet Conservatory.

Richard Smith – Master Class

Richard Smith, Artistic Director of Inaside Chicago Dance with 3D Project Class, Cary Ballet Conservatory.

The most fit and disciplined groups I know are U. S. Marines and Dancers.  As seen here, the instructors look about the same.  Both groups are volunteers but Dancers may have more discipline, an observation that almost guarantees I’ll soon receive a spirited e-mail from Afghanistan.  Semper Fi.

Call For The Company

Call For The Company

Young ladies of the Cary Ballet Company, before dress rehearsal.  If I was still painting, this would look just the same.

16×20 on 20×24 paper, limited edition of 25.

Winter Wonderland – Bond Park

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Kids in central North Carolina seldom see snow.   The Town of Cary sponsored a man-made sled run at Bond Park last weekend.   Lots of sledding rookies and a few Moms and Dads who were using their kids as an excuse to be kids.  Late in the afternoon, real snow fell.  A fine time was had by all.

What It Was, Was Football !

What it was, was Football !

Late Saturday, we got some rare snowfall.  I was photographing a man-made sled run at Bond Park when Mother Nature took over.  Tar Heels will understand the title.