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Gavriel Lipkind

I took a lot of performance photographs of Gavriel Lipkind, trying to find a way to show the intensity, the taking of music to the edge, the communion of instrument and spirit.  He is, I think, a musician’s musician who relentlessly tests musical limits, heightened human experience.   All of that sounds trite and inadequate.  I used shutter speeds that stop dancers in air and yet he was a blur, just too quick.  The thing is, if you get the opportunity to hear him play, to hear the Lipkind Quartet (mostly in Europe), just go and listen.  Or buy some CD’s.  There is no prerequisite, you’ll get it, at nearly a molecular level.  My 14 year old video game immersed grandson confirmed that.  Watching Gavriel teach accomplished high school age students, I saw no ego, just an empathetic and uncompromising passion enabling discovery.  Being able to hear him perform in Cary is one more confirmation of just how the Cary Cross Currents Chamber Music Festival makes us a place you want to live.

Jazz Man

Got an adult dose of the arts the past few weeks in Cary.  Makes you feel alive.  Time to catch up to my Facebook Page.

It started with Jazz on July 30th.  This is pianist Brian Hogans with the Will Scruggs Jazz Fellowship.

Photographed at the Cary Cross Currents Chamber Music Arts FestivalCary Arts Center.

Young Pianist

Camera or Paintbrush, it doesn’t matter.

Photographed 3 August 2012,  Cary Cross Currents Chamber Music Festival,  Side By Side Jazz Performance with the Will Scruggs Jazz Fellowship, Cary Arts Center.

Sax and Cello

2012 is the second year I’ve had the privilege and pleasure to photograph and hear the Cary Cross Currents Chamber Music Arts Festival. The musicians are extraordinary and I’m very proud that my photographs were selected for the Festival Program and Website.   Jazz was added to the Festival and last nights “Chamber Jazz” was completely wonderful.  The standing ovation was completely deserved.

Free Open Rehearsals and Concerts Until August 10th.  The good stuff.

Soloist Lorenzo Gatto with the Brussels Chamber Orchestra.

Soloist Lorenzo Gatto in rehearsal at the Cary Arts Center with the Brussels Chamber Orchestra.

The final performances of the Cary Cross Currents Chamber Music Arts Festivall are tonight and Sunday.  Tonight’s soloist is Lorenzo Gatto who I heard in rehearsal yesterday.   The music is extraordinary.

Brussels Chamber Orchestra Rehearsal – Cary Arts Center

Brussels Chamber Orchestra Rehearsal – Cary Arts Center

The Cary Cross Current Chamber Music Arts Festival concludes this week with 10 AM to 2 PM Free Open Rehearsals on Thursday and Friday and 7 PM Concerts on Thursday, Friday and Sunday.  It’s a lot easier to visit the newly renovated Cary Arts Center than fly to Brussels, Belgium.  The music is extraordinary.  I have had the good luck and privilege to meet and photograph and hear the Brussels Chamber Orchestra.  Tomorrow, I am taking grand children to hear what actual musicians sound like versus digital synthesis on an iPad.