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Dancer In Waiting

Theater Rehearsal “Anastasia

Chapel Hill High School 20 May 2011

Black Swan II


Sunday Evening  “Anastasia”  Cary Ballet Conservatory


I was told to make the picture, not any one of a zillion lame jokes about “The End”

Sunday Evening “Anastasia” Cary Ballet Conservatory


Pas de Quatre


The immediacy of tomorrow morning only allows time to sample performance images made today.

I like this one a lot.


Saturday Matinee  “Anastasia” Cary Ballet Conservatory

Reflection On Inheritance

Wed Dress

Dress Rehearsal   “Anastasia” Cary Ballet Conservatory

Tiny Dancers #1

Three pre-ballet students in animated conversation before dress rehearsal.  Excitement was in the air.

Winter #3

It’s not magic, its Ballet.  Which sometimes seems so.

Winter #2

Ironically, this was performed last June in the production of “Anastasia” by the Cary Ballet Company.  Projected lighting gave it an ethereal quality made powerful by a haunting cello.  Sometimes it takes awhile to see a photograph.

Just One Look

Photographed at the 14 June 2011 Dress Rehearsal of  “Anastasia” by the Cary Ballet Conservatory.

“Anastasia” in Monochrome

The staging for this scene,  “Once Upon A December”, was visually compelling.  Through five performances, two dancers alternately danced the role of “Anastasia”, each beautifully, each differently.  This is Ms. Breanna Johnson.

Corps de Ballet #2

Photograph made at the 18 June matinee performance of “Anastasia” by the Cary Ballet Conservatory.

Corps de Ballet #1

Corps de Ballet #1

Photographed at the 18 June performance of “Anastasia”, a production of the Ballet and Jazz  Companies of the Cary Ballet Conservatory.   Yet another reason I’m taking so long to edit the performance photographs.