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Portraits – Equine

Evening Sun

Saturday a week ago, between two oceans of dance recital photos to edit, I went to an oasis. The first person to ever hire me to make a photograph asked me to make some family portraits. Maggie, a 17 year old mare with a sweet temper, weakness for peppermint candies and a magnificent tail was the main goal, along with Cheryl and her husband Vince. There was champagne involved and after my work was done, a second bottle was opened and enjoyed by the humans while Maggie enjoyed the clover. Driving home, it occurred to me that the most important part of being a photographer is trust.





Off Grid

004 Buckhorn Scouting 6661

Location scouting for a portrait session,  Buckhorn Farm, Apex, North Carolina

Show Clients In The Best Light

Even if they are completely ignoring you.   Eventually, they will settle down and you’ll get that formal close-up.

Managing Client Behavior

Portrait subjects, especially young males, can be easily bored with the photo session.  One solution is to simply let them play.   Quite often, a good result can occur.

“Journey”, a Rocky Mountain horse.  Owner, Cheryl Batts.

Client Consultation

Its very important during a portrait session to engage the client.  Talk to them and let them see the pictures.  It will keep their interest and make it a true collaboration.

Photo and Horse courtesy of Cheryl Batts.