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In The Moment

WIP III 16x20 091 Carew 4677

I started writing about photography recently  mostly to help some friends and students understand some principles of the Craft.  That part is the “How”.  Gaining that knowledge gives you a chance at the other part, the “Why” or Art.  I was going to write about making this image. About why it’s important to learn and understand lighting, composition and posing.  All those things are important but still, mostly craft.  After staring at this blank narrative for a long time, I realized everything I had to say was in the photograph. The key is something no camera can provide. Universally, every dancer I’ve met, from high school students to principals in major companies, said the performance on stage, those few minutes of a lifetime, make it all worth it.  It is, the moment, the clarity, the poetry, the magic of the best expression of ourselves, creating something that transcends the mortal and the specific. Which is why, as an artist, the few minutes of my lifetime it took to make this portrait are worth the years it took to reach them. The proof print of this image is much richer than any electronic display. That image, that moment, I hope her children will share.

Senior Portrait Session, Cary Ballet Conservatory, April 2015

The Art of Dance

IMGP4705  Cesar Degollado guided this accomplished young dancer and me to make this photograph. Better yet, I get to work with him tomorrow.

Theater Magic

399 Thursday Dress Rehearsal  3145_1In theater, all is left outside and the play is the thing.  Unless it’s Tap Dancers for the “Hippo Ballet” and your heart melts.

2013 Annual Recital, Cary Ballet Conservatory  Dress Rehearsal, 6 June 2013.

Traversata II


Two performances today, 2 and 7 PM.

10th Annual Spring Showcase of the 3d Project Jazz Company , Cary Arts Center, 26 April 2013.

Silver Screen

Logo 019 Rolleri Rev A 4789

Part of a Senior Portrait Session, this was made with classic Fresnel movie lights and a modern digital camera.

Four Dancers

346 3D Space & Tech 8502Space & Tech Rehearsal, “All Wrapped Up”,  3D Project Jazz CompanyCary Ballet Conservatory,  Cary Arts Center, 11 Dec. 2012.

Dancer Watching Dancers


Leaning against the barre, in front of a window of heavenly light.  Cary Ballet Conservatory,  Studio Dress Rehearsal, 8 Dec 2012.

Black Swan

Cary Photographic Artists hosts an Annual Open Juried Exhibition each October.  Submitted work was judged yesterday and the results announced tonight.  This photograph was awarded first prize.

The Border of Neverland.

Wendy weighs the future.  From a Senior Portrait Session

School of Titian

Researching an idea on how to make this young lady’s Senior Portrait,  I found a 1546 painting attributed to the School of Titian.  The portrait of Vittoria Farnese of Rome, later the Duches of Urbino, depicts a Roman lady with the golden veil and black dress of nobility.   As in the mid 1500’s, the only light used to create this portrait came from a window.  A photograph of the painting, currently in the Museum of Fine Arts Budapest, is here.

A Modern Ms. Bennet

 Jane Austen completed “Pride and Prejudice” in 1812.  Last Sunday, I made this portrait of a modern devotee.

The J.C.  Raulston Arboretum served as “Derbyshire”.  It was the very first time I could “see”and abandoned what I’d planned.

All That Jazz

Dancer Sara Roe

 3D Project Jazz Company 2012 “Spring Gala”

Space & Tech Rehearsal   8 April 2012 Cary Arts Center