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Salon des Refusés



24″ x 24″ Type C Print

The Salon des Refusés or “exhibition of rejects” was the exhibition of works rejected by the jury of the official Paris Salon of 1863.  This was rejected from a recent exhibit. I knew it was a risky submission. It’s an uncommon format, its complex and it is hard. Not something for the family room. I submitted it as NFS (Not For Sale) because I made it for me. It was a piece I had to make. I’ve been thinking about it since February 2011 when I made it. Looking at it now, above my desk, I’m not completely satisfied with the print so I’ll change it until it is the image I saw. My hunch is, it will be seen in another exhibit. It is a photograph that I would like to have seen. So this is my Salon des Refusés, “exhibition of rejects”.

Gray Skies


This is the third and last photograph made at a Marine deployment from Camp LeJeune in February of 2011. In this late winter, after 11 years, 66,000 American troops remain in Afghanistan.


Semper Fi, sotto voce.