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Salon des Refusés



24″ x 24″ Type C Print

The Salon des Refusés or “exhibition of rejects” was the exhibition of works rejected by the jury of the official Paris Salon of 1863.  This was rejected from a recent exhibit. I knew it was a risky submission. It’s an uncommon format, its complex and it is hard. Not something for the family room. I submitted it as NFS (Not For Sale) because I made it for me. It was a piece I had to make. I’ve been thinking about it since February 2011 when I made it. Looking at it now, above my desk, I’m not completely satisfied with the print so I’ll change it until it is the image I saw. My hunch is, it will be seen in another exhibit. It is a photograph that I would like to have seen. So this is my Salon des Refusés, “exhibition of rejects”.

Gray Skies


This is the third and last photograph made at a Marine deployment from Camp LeJeune in February of 2011. In this late winter, after 11 years, 66,000 American troops remain in Afghanistan.


Semper Fi, sotto voce.

Goodbye Again

Late winter is a time of reflection.  I made this photograph two years ago.  It could’ve been yesterday.  The stoicism of the young woman and the understanding of her Marine haunts me still.


This is not one of my Marines, they’ll both be home for dinner today.  I am, thankful.  Semper Fi.

Home Again.

A year ago, I photographed Marines, including my eldest son, leave Camp Lejeune for Afghanistan.  Last Saturday, they returned.

A Sergeant of Marines

A Sergeant of Marines

Rain and gray skies covered Camp LeJeune last weekend.  With other families, we went to say goodbye to our Marine.  This Marine is not my son but in a way, they all are.  I hope to give this to him when he returns.  Semper Fi.

The 235th Birthday of the United States Marine Corps


First Sergeant Daly was twice awarded the Congressional Medal of Honor.  His 1918 expression of warrior ethic is carved in stone and prominently displayed at the National Museum of the Marine Corps.   On this 235th Birthday of the Marine Corps, nothing has changed.  Semper Fidelis.