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Photographer Pandemic Therapy #3

Sunday got busy so I watched 60 Minutes tonight. And heard a voice from long ago and one I thought impossible.

Today, I stood in the parking lot of a dance school discussing their outdoor recital and praised their endurance.

Two weeks ago, I photographed dancers in theater without audience – in masks.

And un-friended a sister-in-law who sniped about that.

A young woman who I greatly admire described her moment when she knew she was an artist

I was sixty before I had the courage

Art matters

Anthony Roth Costanzo of NC Opera with Brussels Chamber Orchestra

Cary Arts Center 10 August 2012

Face Paint

Face Paint by Clowning Around with Justine  – 2017 Cary Scavenger Hunt

I showed this to her Dad and asked how does he say “no”.  He smiled and shook his head

Dancing In The Streets

This is what happens when you photograph lots of dance.  Shot this last April, at the intersection of Academy and Chatham.  I’ll be there Saturday, with Santa.