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Fair Sky

Gallery Here: North Carolina State Fair  – 25 Oct 2019

Friday At The Fair

Gallery Here: North Carolina State Fair  – 25 Oct 2019

“Lazy Daze” – Dances With Sky

Liz Bliss of “Imagine Circus

Gallery here – “2018 LazyDaze”  Cary, North Carolina



“Lazy Daze” Langour

Gallery here – “2018 LazyDaze”  Cary, North Carolina



“Lazy Daze” Kid Stuff

Entire gallery here – “2018 LazyDaze”  Cary, North Carolina

Just Imagine #7

Liz Bliss of “Imagine Circus

“2018 LazyDaze”  Cary, North Carolina

Judgement Day

Junior Dairy Fitting & Showing

North Carolina State Fair 21 Oct 2017






Second Thoughts


North Carolina State Fair  – 21 Oct 2017

Kid Stuff

North Carolina State Fair  – 21 Oct 2017

Balanced Meal

North Carolina State Fair  – 21 Oct 2017

Role Model


Winner of the Pie Eating Contest at the Fall Farmers Market Festival Saturday 21 Oct 2017

Focus & Success

Turn & Burn




Wait For It….


Spider Man – Revealed!


Face Paint by Clowning Around with Justine  – 2017 Cary Scavenger Hunt

Face Paint

Face Paint by Clowning Around with Justine  – 2017 Cary Scavenger Hunt

I showed this to her Dad and asked how does he say “no”.  He smiled and shook his head

Acrobat Smile

Double Bubble


Cary Players – “The Best Christmas Pageant Ever!”

Performances December 1-5, Thursday, Friday, Saturday & Monday 7:30 p.m. | Saturday & Sunday 3 p.m.


Dress Rehearsal, 28 Nov. 2016, Cary Arts Center  – Photographed for Cary Citizen

Entire Gallery here:  Best Christmas Pageant Ever

Making Noise

2016 Bright Horizons “Triangle Truck Day”


Sound Check

8x10 083 Nnenna _IGP4250

Wayne Batchelor and Miki Hayama Cary Arts Center 28 January 2012

 Leaving the corporate chrysalis in Spring of 2010, I flapped about with new and untested wings, trying to find equilibrium. I’d lived in Cary for 11 years and didn’t know my hometown.  Stumbling upon CaryCitizen, I flew off with a Press Pass to explore my home. My flight plan was to photograph stories that had nothing to do with a Dilbert cartoon gone awry.

  After finding my Muses at Cary Ballet Company, I had the good fortune to cover other performances for CC at Cary Arts Center. Hearing Singer Nnenna Freelon was booked, I  asked the Cary booking rep for permission to photograph. My answer was, okay for sound check. When I arrived in the afternoon, hours before performance, I had another piece of luck. The percussionist Beverly Botsford was someone I’d met previously and I think chatting with her put the other players at ease.

 For a photographer, dress rehearsals and sound checks are the best.  I can move around instead of being fixed in rear theater. And while I want enough to tell the story for the publication, I’m also shooting for me. There is nowhere I’d rather be than a theater.

Sound check is street clothes, no makeup, setting lights and musicians working.  If I can get them to forget about me, it’s jazz photography.

Legally Blonde

Actress A. C. Donohue as Elle Woods in the Cary Players Production of “Legally Blonde”

See the Cary Citizen Review  & Gallery

0061 Legally Blonde 0061

It’s A Wonderful Life – Radio Play

069 Its A Wondeful Life - Rehearsal 8400

 Dress Rehearsal, 2 Dec. 2014.  Photographed for CaryCitizen


  Photographed two events Saturday for CaryCitizenWheels On Academy in Cary and East Meets West in Morrisville. Found a pair of remarkable relationships.

 Web 2014 047 East Meets West062 Wheels On Academy 0314











Schuur Thing


067 Diane Schuur2137

Diane Schuur at at The Cary Arts Center, Friday, 9 May 2014.

 See my  Review on CaryCitizen   See photo gallery here Diane Schuur


All Right Now


A full house for Diane Schuur at at The Cary Arts Center, Friday, 9 May 2014.  It was way better than good.

Photographed for CaryCitizen

Kite Flight in “Our State”

051 Kite Festival 2012 _IGP5823“Out & About” in the March issue of “Our State” Magazine illustrates the annual Cary Kite Festival with this photo.  First published in CaryCitizen , it’s my favorite of the hundreds I’ve made covering the Festival.

My Heroes Have Always Been Cowboys

343 Christmas Story 2013 0861

My sons got an air rifle for Christmas almost 20 years ago.  Now adults and both Marines, it was the only thing they both asked for when we moved this year.

Photographed at Cary Players Dress Rehearsal  “A Christmas Story” , 3 Dec 2013, Cary Arts Center.

Performances December 5-9, Thursday, Friday & Monday Evenings at 7:30pm, Saturday & Sunday Matinees at 3:00pm, Saturday Evening at 8:00pm

First Response

045Truck Day 2013 20132013 Bright Horizons “Triangle Truck Day”  Photographed for CaryCitizen.com

Faith and Begorrah!

119 Nunsense 6185 Mother Superior is at her wit’s end in “Nunsense” !

Performances 4-6 October at the Cary Arts Center.  Highly recommended.