A Photographer's Coda

Tell Me A Story

Photographed for “CaryCitizen” 16 Oct 2010 – Kids Together Playground, Cary, North Carolina

My corporate career ended abruptly in March, 2010. It was a “Get Out of Jail Free Card” for the next dozen years. Burned out on corporate IT, I wouldn’t have hired me. Nor did I try. My sweet heart was practically concerned about our financial future and burning through retirement savings, way too soon. I spent the summer managing our HoA Swimming Pool, after I earned my Wake County “Certified Pool Operator” certificate.

I met Hal Goodtree in late summer at La Farm bakery, to pitch me being a contributing photographer for “CaryCitizen”. I’d taught myself enough about the craft of photography to be reasonably competent. What I needed was a “raison d’être”. I told him I wanted to cover small stories with heart. Which is why I went to photograph “Kids Together Playground” at mid-day on a Saturday for a “Fall Foliage Walk”.

Self taught, I was a reasonably competent photographer. But telling a story, that I needed to learn and practice. The afternoon assignment was “Children’s Celebration of The Arts” at Cary Ballet Conservatory. And I found my “raison d’être”.

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