A Photographer's Coda

Merry Mea Culpa!

Yep, my fault. I advertised 2021 “Nutcracker” Online Galleries by Christmas Eve. Barely got three performances done and two more on Christmas day. Just finished & posted the Thursday Dress Rehearsal. And it FINALLY hit me why it was taking so long! Supply Chain issues – I’d made the galleries almost triple the size of previous years because of pent up demand! The demand was mine in wanting to make meaningful, mask-less photographs of every single dancer.

Some images in this Thursday Rehearsal Gallery I made differently due to a middle of the night idea. And I think they tell the story of the determination and hard work that makes on stage magic.

Tomorrow morning, I’m doing what I’d planned to do today which is setup in studio for afternoon sessions. Pretty sure I’ll have the Wed. & Tues. Rehearsals done by end of day, Tues., the 28th. And I’ll need to think about how to fix my Supply Chain. Because the demand is still there. And I extended the 10% Coupon until Jan. 5th – Mea Culpa.

“Fritz” – with trouble ahead & trouble behind

Cary Ballet Company Rehearsal of “The Nutcracker” 17 Dec., 2021 – Cary Arts Center

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