A Photographer's Coda

Deja Vu – Performance Portrait #1

224 VoSP Sat 7 PM 2218

Making a photo retrospective for a dancer from 5 years of images seemed like a good idea.  Days into my second attempt, I think I have it mostly solved. Looking through 80 thousand plus digital negatives requires a lot more organization and hours than I had imagined.  And its been humbling. I’d forgotten how little I knew when the journey began. Looking at my early work was painful. The toughest part has been avoiding the temptation to get side tracked by seeing unrelated images with new eyes and wanting to re imagine and re edit them.

This image isn’t part of the retrospective I’m creating. But I couldn’t stay on track and let it be. Seeing it anew, I saw what I didn’t when I made it. It’s very close to the soul of my work. Whatever it is the Muses intend for me, it looks a lot like this.

Evening Performance “Visions of Sugarplums” Cary Ballet Company 15 December 2012

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