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Sound Check

8x10 083 Nnenna _IGP4250

Wayne Batchelor and Miki Hayama Cary Arts Center 28 January 2012

 Leaving the corporate chrysalis in Spring of 2010, I flapped about with new and untested wings, trying to find equilibrium. I’d lived in Cary for 11 years and didn’t know my hometown.  Stumbling upon CaryCitizen, I flew off with a Press Pass to explore my home. My flight plan was to photograph stories that had nothing to do with a Dilbert cartoon gone awry.

  After finding my Muses at Cary Ballet Company, I had the good fortune to cover other performances for CC at Cary Arts Center. Hearing Singer Nnenna Freelon was booked, I  asked the Cary booking rep for permission to photograph. My answer was, okay for sound check. When I arrived in the afternoon, hours before performance, I had another piece of luck. The percussionist Beverly Botsford was someone I’d met previously and I think chatting with her put the other players at ease.

 For a photographer, dress rehearsals and sound checks are the best.  I can move around instead of being fixed in rear theater. And while I want enough to tell the story for the publication, I’m also shooting for me. There is nowhere I’d rather be than a theater.

Sound check is street clothes, no makeup, setting lights and musicians working.  If I can get them to forget about me, it’s jazz photography.

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