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Another Portrait of Brooke

Her name is also Brooke.  This was made before Prom, last May.  Struggling to write a a tutorial on Portraiture this summer and re-editing some Digital Negatives ( including this one ), I had an epiphany and found  connective tissue to an extraordinary Hollywood photographer of the 1920’s who based his work on his training and understanding as a Painter.  That was coming home for me.  It also explains why this revision looks like the cover of a movie magazine, long ago.  The real reason it’s here is because her Dad liked it and told him I’d post it.

One response

  1. muunlitr

    Growing up in Hollywood, CA, I met some fine photographers, including a major movie photographer that worked
    on the film “South Pacific.” This photo reminded me of sitting in a theatre and watching that movie. Very dramatic but also very contemporary. Beautifully done Brooke.

    November 16, 2012 at 04:04

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