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Dancing In The Streets

This is what happens when you photograph lots of dance.  Shot this last April, at the intersection of Academy and Chatham.  I’ll be there Saturday, with Santa.


This is not one of my Marines, they’ll both be home for dinner today.  I am, thankful.  Semper Fi.

Another Portrait of Brooke

Her name is also Brooke.  This was made before Prom, last May.  Struggling to write a a tutorial on Portraiture this summer and re-editing some Digital Negatives ( including this one ), I had an epiphany and found  connective tissue to an extraordinary Hollywood photographer of the 1920’s who based his work on his training and understanding as a Painter.  That was coming home for me.  It also explains why this revision looks like the cover of a movie magazine, long ago.  The real reason it’s here is because her Dad liked it and told him I’d post it.

WRAL News Anchor Weekend

 Saturday, I photographed Debra Morgan of WRAL (Raleigh) at the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation “Walk For The Cure”.   This photograph of Bill Leslie was made Sunday.  He was the first performer of the 2012 Page -Walker Winter Concert Series in Cary.  Good work, good music and nice people.