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A Very Cary Christmas Card

A Very Cary Christmas Card

Companies of the Cary Ballet Conservatory will perform “A Very Cary Christmas” at  Jones Auditorium, Meredith College, next Saturday.  Performances are at 11 AM, 3 PM and 7PM.  Even Scrooge would grin.

Winter Wonderland – Bond Park

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Kids in central North Carolina seldom see snow.   The Town of Cary sponsored a man-made sled run at Bond Park last weekend.   Lots of sledding rookies and a few Moms and Dads who were using their kids as an excuse to be kids.  Late in the afternoon, real snow fell.  A fine time was had by all.

What It Was, Was Football !

What it was, was Football !

Late Saturday, we got some rare snowfall.  I was photographing a man-made sled run at Bond Park when Mother Nature took over.  Tar Heels will understand the title.

A Very Cary Christmas

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The other half of my extraordinary Saturday was spent photographing rehearsals at the Cary Ballet Conservatory.   They are working towards the performance of  “A Very Cary Christmas” on December 18th.

Seeing the development of dancers, from small to tall is extraordinary.  I do not understand what drives someone to pay the price of gaining competence in ballet.  The result is, like music,  powerful and fulfilling and wonderful.

Window light floods the studios of the Cary Ballet Conservatory.  Electric light floods the stage of the African Children’s Choir.  Grace and motion, energy and voice.  It was an extraordinary Saturday.